Bike Service & Repair

Service Packages

We can typically have your bike back to you by the weekend if it is dropped off with us by Monday or Tuesday. Call ahead, e-mail or stop by to schedule your bike into our work order queue to guarantee turn around time.

Tandem, recumbent and trike drop offs must be scheduled and will incur an additional 20% service handling fee.

Level 1


Includes labor for the following:

-Torque all accessible fasteners

-Align and adjust brakes 

-True brake rotor

-Align and adjust shifting

-Straighten derailleur hanger

-Adjust headset

-Wipe and lube chain

-Set tire pressure

-Replace cables and housing

Parts NOT included

Level 2


Includes labor for everything in Level 1 plus:

-Remove and clean drivetrain components

-Replace derailleur(s)

-Replace crank and/or chainrings

-Replace cassette or freewheel

-Replace chain

-Inspect bottom bracket (crank) bearings 

-Adjust hub bearings and axles 

-True wheels

-Clean brake calipers and replace pads

-Replace tubes/sealant/tires (taping tubeless rims not included)

Parts NOT included

Level 3

Hardtail: $220

Full Suspension: $300

Includes everything in Level 2 plus:

-Disassemble entire bike, clean and lube all parts

-Overhaul/replace suspension bearings and pivots

-Overhaul/replace bottom bracket (crank) bearings

-Overhaul/replace hub bearings and axles

-Overhaul/replace headset bearings

-Bleed or replace hydraulic brakes

-Replace shifters

-Wheel true, dish and tension

-Replace grips or bar tape

-Replace seatpost and/or seat

-Replace stem and/or handlebar

-Replace or install tubeless tape

Parts NOT included

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