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Bike Service

Service work is scheduled by the week and we do not take the bikes in until your scheduled drop off week. You can expect your bike to be here up to 2 weeks from your scheduled service drop off depending on work and parts needed.

E-mail or call to get in our service schedule. (We are currently booked out 3 months ahead for new incoming service/tune-up work with a few exceptions noted below...) 

Break-in tune-ups on new bike purchases - We plan slots into our service schedule to handle 20hr break-in tune ups on bikes recently purchased from us. Please call to schedule if not scheduled during purchase.

Tire/Tube Changes - These can be dropped off anytime during store hours and should be dropped off by Tuesday to ensure turn around before the weekend.

Accessory Installation - Some accessories such as pedals, mirrors, some power meters, bags, etc... can be installed at the time of purchase. Other accessories such as racks, dropper posts and some computers will require drop off of bike and will be available for pick-up within a week in most cases.

Fill out this form to send us your info about your requested bike service and we'll contact you to set up your service appointment.

Service Packages

Level 1


Includes labor for the following:

-Torque all accessible fasteners

-Align and adjust brakes 

-True brake rotor

-Align and adjust shifting

-Straighten derailleur hanger

-Adjust headset

-Wipe and lube chain

-Set tire pressure

Parts NOT included

Level 2


Includes labor for everything in Level 1 plus:

-Remove and clean drivetrain components

-Replace derailleur(s)

-Replace crank and/or chainrings

-Replace cassette or freewheel

-Replace chain

-Inspect bottom bracket (crank) bearings 

-Adjust hub bearings and axles 

-True wheels

-Clean brake calipers and replace pads

-Replace tubes/sealant/tires (taping tubeless rims not included)

-Install cables

Parts NOT included

Level 3

Hardtail: $299

Full Suspension: $399

Includes everything in Level 2 plus:

-Overhaul/replace suspension bearings and pivots

-Overhaul/replace bottom bracket (crank) bearings

-Overhaul/replace hub bearings and axles

-Overhaul/replace headset bearings

-Replace shifters

-Wheel true, dish and tension

-Replace grips or bar tape

-Replace seatpost and/or seat

-Replace stem and/or handlebar

-Replace or install tubeless tape

Parts NOT included

Other service work typically starts at $20 service labor per individual item, such as a single tire/tube repair. Parts NOT Included