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Maklin Racing

We like racing and want to build the sport, so we are building a team of riders and racers of all levels to represent us at a variety of bike racing events locally and regionally. If you want to race with us; keep reading and reach out. 

Purpose in our efforts to build our race team…

  1. Help new riders and racers develop and grow in the sport of cycling 
  2. Reduce the barrier of entry to bicycle racing
  3. Grow the sport of cycling in the US
  4. Increase the visibility and awareness of Maklin Bike Shop 

Who should apply...

  • Beginner riders or racers (including youth) looking for help getting started in racing and/or growing their cycling abilities
  • Any riders looking to add a little racing to their calendar to provide some motivation and goals throughout the cycling season and help our purpose
  • Experienced and/or elite riders or racers looking for some team camaraderie and wanting to help our purpose

We may provide various levels of support that might include...

  • Scheduled team shop nights to keep our team’s bikes running properly
  • Scheduled team training rides to hone in riding skills, shake out gear and practice race nutrition
  • Scheduled race course pre-rides to get ready for specific races
  • Opportunity to test or demo gear and equipment from the shop that might help with your goals and also provide real first hand review feedback to us on products such as tires, grips, bags, seats, electronics, etc…
  • Help with training planning and if it’s outside of our capability, we’ll provide or point you toward the right resources depending on needs.
  • Gear and equipment at various levels

Send us an e-mail at with Maklin Racing in the subject line, answering the following questions, along with any other information you think might help us decided if we can help you out and in what ways.

  • What are your general cycling goals for the upcoming cycling season?
  • What event(s) are you in interested in racing this year?
  • What are your goals for your planned event(s)?
  • Have you done these events in the past and what were your results?
  • What current equipment and gear do you have for your event(s)?
  • What equipment and gear are you missing to reach your goals?
  • What are you currently doing for training and preparation for your events?
  • What kind of support would you need from us to join our team?
  • How will us supporting you on our team, benefit us?
  • How will you support our purpose?